Eric Kevin Cecil

(812) 508-4032

Portfolio: Visual Effects (VFX)

The Tartar Effect (2017)

Description: Short independent project developed entirely within 24 hours.

Synopsis: A secret agent uncovers a shocking secret about his long-dead brother.

Role: Co-Writer, Co-Producer, Production Designer, VFX Artist.

Specific VFX Involvement: Identical henchmen (0:16), secret agent dossier graphics (3:55), closing credit sequence.

The Political Autobiography of Deez Nuts (2016)

Description: Short mockumentary developed for a Film Production class.

Synopsis: A look into the rise, fall, rise, and fall of enigmatic political figure Deez Nuts.

Role: Writer, Co-Director, Producer, Actor, Editor, VFX Artist.

Specific VFX Involvement: Opening and closing credit sequences, all graphics.

Lunch Box Hero Promo Video (2016)

Description: Animated promotional video developed for the video game Lunch Box Hero.

Synopsis: An old war between health food and junk food has re-emerged, and it's up to Brock the Broccoli to save the day.

Role: Writer, Editor, Game Asset and VFX Artist.

Developed using: Adobe Illustrator, Premiere, and Autodesk Smoke.

Brian Regan: Stupid in School (2011)

Description: Animation based on stand-up comedian Brian Regan's "Stupid in School" routine.

Role: Editor, Animator.

Developed using: Microsoft Paint and Windows Movie Maker.