Eric Kevin Cecil

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Portfolio: Graphic Design

Meme Boy (In Production)(2017)

Description: Eight-episode webseries developed by Delta Kappa Alpha at the University of Miami.

Series Synopsis: A college student tries to take control of his newfound Internet fame after becoming an embarrassing meme.

Graphic Design Work: Mock-livestream setup (Episode 4), end credits (Series).

Screenshot from Meme Boy Episode 4: Chef Boy. Screenshot from the end credit sequence of Meme Boy.

The Tartar Effect (2017)

Description: Short independent project developed entirely within 24 hours.

Synopsis: A secret agent uncovers a shocking secret about his long-dead brother.

Graphic Design Work: Secret agent dossiers (examples below).

Secret agent dossier graphic designed for The Tartar Effect. Secret agent dossier graphic designed for The Tartar Effect.

Graphic Design work for The Bubble (2015)

Description: The Bubble is a digital media company in Buenos Aires that specializes in English-language news.

Graphic Design Work below:

Debate Bingo graphic for the 2015 Argentina Presidential Elections.

Debate Bingo card for the 2015 Argentina Presidential Elections, in Spanish.

Mock DVD-cover graphic for The Bubble.

Mock DVD-cover. Political satire, as per the style of The Bubble.

Three-screen graphic for The Bubble media kit.

Three-screen display comparison graphic for The Bubble's media kit.

Graphic Design work for Stanford Residential College (2014-5)

Description: Designed and distributed material for Stanford Residential College as the Marketing and PR Chair of Stanford College Council.

Graphic Design Work below:

Advertisement for the SCC Oscar Watch Party.

Advertisement designed for SCC's Oscar Watch Party, 2015.

Advertisement for the SCC showing of 'The Wedding Ringer'.

Advertisement designed for the SCC end-of-the-year movie night, showing "The Wedding Ringer."

Advertisement for SCC's Stanford Pool Party.

Advertisement designed for SCC's pool party.