Eric Kevin Cecil

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Portfolio: Comedic Writing

Meme Boy, Episode 5: Model Boy (To Be Released)(2017)

Description: Eight-episode webseries developed by Delta Kappa Alpha at the University of Miami.

Series Synopsis: A college student tries to take control of his newfound Internet fame after becoming an embarrassing meme.

Episode Synopsis: Elmer finds success as a model, but unwittingly falls into foot fetish modeling.

The Tartar Effect (2017)

Description: Short independent project developed entirely within 24 hours.

Synopsis: A secret agent uncovers a shocking secret about his long-dead brother.

Involvement: Co-written with a team. Provided most one-liners and refined dialogue to flow naturally.

The Political Autobiography of Deez Nuts (2016)

Description: Short mockumentary developed for a Film Production class.

Synopsis: A look into the rise, fall, rise, and fall of enigmatic political figure Deez Nuts.

Involvement: Provided and developed the original concept (what if Deez Nuts were a real politician?). Originally to be co-written, but I took on the writing role as pre-production started.

Off the Wire: In-house with Kevin & Kelly (2016)

Description: Sketch developed for UM's student-run sketch comedy show, Off the Wire.

Synopsis: Two cast members return from studying abroad and then proceed to tell you all about it.

Blog Writer: CEA MOJO Study Abroad Blog (2015)

Description: Wrote for a blog about my experiences abroad in Buenos Aires. Posts available below:

Off the Wire: In-house with Jahn Kawaad (2015)

Description: Sketch developed for Off the Wire.

Synopsis: Host Elayna Paulk welcomes an old friend who's become a Hollywood bigshot.

Off the Wire: Fridge (2015)

Description: Sketch developed for Off the Wire.

Synopsis: A prank call goes horribly wrong when it turns out this lady's refrigerator isn't running.